Family Connection

We believe that the success and well-being of our students depends on the quality of our connection with their parents. Learning is a joint venture between the teachers, child, and family.

We make every effort to ensure that you feel welcomed and have peace of mind each time you bring your child to TESLA Country Day. Some of our unique touches include:

  • A peaceful parent lounge available all day for parents to connect, enjoy a cup of coffee, or read a magazine before heading off to work. The lounge has a referral board for professionals to share their services with our community as well as a “Gratitude Board” to share exciting news from our lives. If you have something to celebrate, let us know!
  • Handmade tee-pees and reading nooks are placed throughout the campus so that parents and children can have a moment alone to share a story, puzzle, or art from class. This helps to ease the transition between home and school and build a connection within our environment;
  • When full-day students prepare to go home, they are provided a light to-go snack to help make the drive home easier;
  • Daily digital communication between students and their parents through our Kaymbu ipad technology. Each day children take photos and video of something meaningful they created, that image is shared with parents (via email and/or text) as a communication tool to enhance the bridge between school and home.

It is the little touches that foster connection between us all, creating a sense of community and partnership.

Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.
-Marian Wright Edelman